Home Fitness: 7 Simple Ways to Break Strength Plateaus

Lifting weights is a great form of exercise. A great routine will combine both power and hypertrophy methods at varying intensities – this ensures the body continually adapts to the varying demands of the exercises. Here are 7 simple ways to break strength plateaus:

Change the Frequency

As our strength improves we tend to perform more demanding workouts for example a 2er Split Trainingsplan. Our muscles tend to require more time to recover and repair. Try giving your body an extra day of rest or by working upper and lower body muscle groups on different days.

Change Exercise

Our bodies adapt and become accustomed to repetitive exercises. If you cease to see strength gains with a certain exercise try to incorporate different exercises that target the same muscle group(s).

Vary the Number of Sets

Increasing or decreasing the number of sets can help in keeping our bodies from adapting breaking through plateaus.

Vary the Number of Repetitions

Changes to the number of repetitions can also help get through plateaus. For instance, if you are currently doing 8 reps with 60 pounds, you could do 12 reps with 50 pounds to produce strength gains.

Breakdown or Drop Set Training

This method of plateau breaking incorporates post fatigue exercises. Once you have completed a set, you can immediately decrease the weight and do 2 or more additional exercises. For example, after performing a set of leg presses at 90 pounds one could immediately reduce the weight to 75 or 80 pounds to perform additional repetitions. While often uncomfortable this can provide the shock the muscle needs to get through plateaus.

Assisted Training (Spotter)

Having someone assist or spot you during exercise can allow you to reach additional repetitions that you otherwise would not be able to on your own. Not to mention the additional safety provided by a spotter.

Change the Speed

Slowing down your movement is another great way to get through plateaus. Slowing down your exercises reduces the role that momentum plays, and allows for greater muscle force.


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